Beyonce Fashion Diva Mobile Game

Issue 5 of SoHotRightNow! is about the launch of Beyoncé Fashion Diva Mobile Game and the use of celebrity endorsements with mobile technology.

What’s this all about?

Starwave Mobile (a unit of the Walt Disney Internet Group) has launched a new mobile game for the popular singer/songwriter, Beyoncé Knowles, called Beyoncé Fashion Diva. Beyoncé Fashion Diva is a mobile game with an online social networking component, which allows players to show self-expression, confidence and style. The launch comes with the effort of promoting Beyoncé’s new fashion label, Dereon. The game and fashion label also coincides with the ‘B’ Phone, Samsung’s Beyoncé-branded mobile phone containing exclusive content.

Beyoncé Fashion Diva Mobile Game
How does the game work?

  • Customers SMS “BDIVA” to 55655 to download the game.
  • Create and style a personal Diva through many different clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyles and facial features.
  • Enter photo shoots and engage in other community activities to compete against online players and earn virtual currency.
  • Make friends worldwide to increase their Diva’s popularity and strut on the Kitty KatWalk.
  • Earn a chance to be featured in the game’s Déjà Vu magazine.
  • Spend virtual currency to purchase new virtual clothes from the Deréon line and increase their Diva’s style factor.
  • Enjoy clips of popular Beyoncé songs from her hit album ‘B’Day’; including “Beautiful Liar” and “Green Light.”

What’s the opportunity for Telcos?

  • Another revenue stimulation opportunity for Telcos (similar to Issue 4: Ez My Styling).
  • Incorporate Beyoncé Fashion Diva into existing customer portals and become an exclusive mobile carrier for the game.
  • Increase mobile music sales and other content.
  • Attractive idea for new customers to participate in using content on their mobile.
  • 3rd Party tie-ups: Leverage other fashion labels and tips through associations with Westfield, Myer and other major department stores.
  • Consider application for AFL / Soccer Sponsorship (eg. Harry Kewell).
  • Consider application for mainstream artists such as Pink, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears etc.
  • Consider application for existing ticketing or entertainment channels, such as Optus’ ‘yes’ Tickets or Telstra’s Bigpond Tickets, while including artists as part of the engagement.
  • Leverage celebrity endorsements of handset manufacturers (eg. Beckham and Motorola) and bring exclusivity to the Telco.

Information in this blog post was adapted from Business Wire, 15 January 2008.


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