Ez My Styling

Issue 4 of SoHotRightNow! is about a new styling guide mobile application.

What’s this all about?

Named Ez My Styling, this Japanese mobile application developed by KDDI Au (Japan’s second largest mobile carrier) allows users to receive styling advise to help people keep up with the times of fast paced fashion trends.

How does it work?

  • This is more of a guess as the website is in Japanese, but…
  • Upload/take a portrait photo and or full body shot of yourself on your mobile.
  • Select criteria from a menu (ie. Male or female).
  • Select your style from different categories (ie. Hair style, hair colour, eyebrows, moustache, clothes etc).
  • Adjust selection to fit your photo and to suit your particular style.

What’s the opportunity for Telcos?

  • Incorporate this into existing customer portals as a mobile application (revenue stimulation).
  • This could then act as a data pack, so customers would need to download monthly fashion updates (new clothes from designers and department stores) to their phone.
  • Use this style function to also recommend you a handset from the Telco.
  • Use this style function to also recommend you content from the Telco (i.e. “you look pretty social so you need Facebook on your mobile”, or “you look like a dancer so you need so you think you can dance on your mobs” etc).
  • Use this style function to also recommend you more products from the Telco (your intrepid style means you need a prepaid dongle etc).
  • Tie up with Westfield/Myer to support the fashion side of things. They would pay for the content (as advertising) and the Telco could provide this to their customers.

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