This SoHotRightNow! entry is about a website called “Umbrella Today?”. It is one of the simplest ideas that could definitely be incorporated into Telcos push for mobile content.

What’s this all about and how does it work?

A quote from the Umbrella Today Blog answers this in a simple way and explains how this can benefit Telcos:

“Simplicity is a good thing generally, and Umbrella Today? aims to hit the mark when it comes to knowing the weather each day. Once the website is armed with your ZIP code, it will tell you simply “Yes” or “No” to the question, “should I take my umbrella today?” You can then schedule a text message to your cell phone on any day when you should prepare for inclement weather.”

Step 1: Enter your Postcode and click Go.

Step 2: Retrieve a simple message with the answer to the question, “Should I take my umbrella today?”.

What’s the opportunity for Telcos?

  • Although this site is not currently available in Australia, it is something Telcos may wish to implement.
  • Add this service to existing data packages.
  • This will increase consumer spend on data or SMS.
  • Integrate into existing customer portals, as a spin-off to the existing weather information.

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