MBO Ticket

After stumbling across an online article about this new technology, I thought it would be particularly useful for Telcos to look into this for their existing customers.

What’s this all about?

Launched by MobilRelay™, MBO is a new technology that a service that enables movie-goers to use mobile phones as tickets.

How does it work?

This is essentially what a customer needs to do:

  1. From your mobile phone go to www.mbo.com (phone must be WAP enabled with colour screen)
  2. Browse movie listing times and dates
  3. Select your movie and showtime
  4. Securely purchase tickets with your credit card
  5. You will receive a text message. Go to the link in the text message. (If you are having trouble go to www.mbo.com, then retrieve tickets)
  6. Present phone at the theater, which will be scanned for entry.

What’s the opportunity for Telcos?

A few ideas to consider:

  1. This lives and breathes added customer value, especially for existing customers.
  2. Leverage this for any existing ticket sites that Telcos may operate (e.g. Optus ‘yes’ Tickets or BigPond Tickets), and allow our customers to access our deals via their mobile, anytime, anywhere. This could be great for distress stock etc.
  3. Leverage any existing entertainment campaigns, again allowing 24/7 access.
  4. Partnering with a cinema company for exclusivity.
  5. Consider tying in other new sponsorship properties planned for 2009.

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